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About Kylani

Kylani Gathers, better known as Ky, is a special young lady with the passion to succeed at anything she does. She hopes to make a major imprint in the world of golf even at a young age.

Kylani was always a very active child as she loved to run and race her siblings around the house. As one of five children, her competitive spirit always stood out as a prominent trait of her character. When Kylani was only 2 years old, her dad bought her a set of plastic clubs where she would ask for dad to play golf with her. Per usual, as things were playful in the beginning Kylani wanted to compete to see who could hit the plastic ball the furthest inside of the house. Of course, mom was not happy with the indoor activity, so this forced the father-daughter duo outside for their golfing ventures. When Kylani hit the plastic ball outside with her plastic clubs her swing just came so instinctively that her dad just knew golf could be something special for her.

At almost 7 years old, Kylani received her first set of “real” golf clubs and was sent to a group golf clinic to put the swing to the test with “real” golf balls. Her clinic coach immediately noticed her persevering attitude for wanting to hit best golf shot that she could. While most young kids would give up in boredom, she would not stop trying to hit a ball in the basket to satisfy her competitiveness. After being highly praised by her golf clinic coach, Kylani started falling in love with the sport.

Kylani had played other sports, however the COVID Pandemic had her playing golf everyday as this was the only sport that was open to the public. With her mask on, of course, she would drag her dad out the range to hit the biggest bucket of balls and then eventually she would impede on dad’s group golf outings where she would play 9 of 18 holes each time. Afterwhile, Kylani mentioned she wanted to play with other kids in tournaments. By January 2021, she was signed up for her first Golf Tournament at Disney Oak Trail.

Since her first tournament, she has kept the will the succeed at the forefront of her mind. Her goal has been to get better with every event, every hole, and every shot.

Kylani truly has a gift in the game of golf. In your average person, the progress she has made in this game comes over years. She has cut that time tremendously and works hard toward becoming her best.

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Compliments about Kylani:  

"She never gives up and I love it. Also, I love that she is so coachable. I did not have to say anything to her."


- Craig S.

"Kylani has made so much progress in so little of time. I'm not sure how she did it without living on a golf course."


- Tammy D.

"This girl is the truth! Her swing looks like she's been doing this for years. I hope to see her make it big time one day or even on TV."


- Steve B.

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